Children Stories

Many children’s lives have been touched by God as he shows them His love and mercy these are just a few stories from the many children who pass through our orphanage. Some stories are almost to sad to tell, but we have chosen a few examples here to give you some idea of what these children have gone through.




Age: 10 yrs.

Avinash is the only child of his parents. At an early age he lost both his parents. No one came to his rescue when one of his distant relative came to know about our organization and brought him to us.

Avinash, now in 5th standard at school, is very sharp, can memorize everything he learns at school in no time. He is ambitious and wishes to become a doctor when he grows up.


Age: 7 yrs.

Chaitra is the youngest in her family. She lost her father at an early age. Her mother works as a house maid. Since she cannot take care of her while working, with the help of a pastor they came to our organization. Stydying in 2nd standard her ambition is to become a Journalist when she grows up.












•SANDHYA  III rd Std  

•RTC Girls High School Coles Park
•These sisters are from low poverty line, father left them when they are small kids, they don’t have shelter to live, no proper food to eat, and no proper clothes to wear. Her mother works has housemaid she get less money, she is not in a position to sent them school also, so she left them in our home. We are taking care everything for them like a family. They are the happiest children’s now.  



•BHAVANI     III rd Std


•SHALINI       IV th Std

•RTC Girls High School Coles Park

•These four sisters were living happily in their family until her mother burned herself for some reason, father is a painter and is not regular to work, they couldn’t afford these little and beautiful kids education and don’t have proper shelter to stay, and no proper food and other needs, so they left in our home, we are providing everything for schooling, food, shelter as a family




•RENUKA    VI th Std

•RTC Girls High School Coles Park

•Renuka and Chaitra came from village, father left them and living with other woman, mother is going for farm work and gets less money per day in the money she is not able to give them a proper food and also not afford to send them to school, she was struggling a lot and cries every day for not feeding them properly, one day she met a pastor and shared all the struggles to him, and he came to home and requested us to take care of them, now they go to school, enjoys their childhood life with all the children’s here. 



•RTC Girls High School Coles Park

•Sunitha has two sisters she came from very poor family, she is from Uttar Pradesh her father works as cook, he is an uneducated and they don’t have proper shelter to stay, he earns very less money, with that he cannot afford to send her school and give proper food, with help of a local area pastor they left her in our home, now we take care of her education food and shelter. She is happy here with smiley face always.




•NIVYA   1st Std

•RTC Girls High School Coles Park

•Introducing Nivya to all of you. Lively, happy, obedient, loving, caring, full of naughtiness….everything you could think of in a lovely child. She is 6 years old. She aspires to be a doctor. She lives here from the time she cheated death. Death had chosen for her from her most trust worthy person whom she loved from the bottom of her heart “Her MOTHER”. Sad but true

•This little beautiful child saw death very close last year when her mother threw her out of a moving Auto with the help of her paramour with the intention to get rid of her. She came below the wheels of an auto but Thankfully God saved her. She was chosen by God to live. But this blessed child is living with a rod in her left leg and in immense pain, her brother Abhinesh is three and half year old who is also living with us now, father is working as a barber they don’t have shelter to live, all three use to sleep in a same shop now they are happiest children’s in our home, not only that Abhinesh is everyone’s sweetest kid.